Gladius’ San Diego branch was specifically designed to give civilian training opportunities to military personnel. It has since flourished into a training ground for all security personnel. Although the smallest of the three branches, the SD branch offers all of the necessary classes to begin a successful career in security.

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Executive Protection Fundamentals
This Executive Protection Specialist course provides students fundamental training and a first-hand, detailed understanding of executive protection. Students will experience a hands-on approach to high-end, VIP, and celebrity protection in the day-to-day civilian environment.

Executive Protection, Advanced
The aim of this executive protection specialist training course is to upgrade the capabilities of law enforcement personnel and executive protection security officers and train them to better understand a security detail.

CA BSIS Exposed Firearms Permit
Even if you are licensed or registered in the security field, you may not carry a gun on duty, whether loaded or unloaded, unless you have been issued an exposed firearm permit by the Department of Consumer Affairs. California Exposed Firearms Permit must be kept on your person at all times while on duty.

Firearms Course, Advanced
The Advanced Handgun Shooting Tactics Course is designed to test and reinforce the fundamental tools necessary for scenarios that security personnel are most likely to encounter. The skills learned in this tactical pistol training class are tied together with stress-based scenario training.

Emergency Vehicle Operation Course
This emergency vehicle operations course provides students with both in-class instruction and practical application in-vehicle operation. Students will drive and practice high-speed maneuvers and techniques relevant in both law enforcement and executive protection scenarios.

Behavioral Analysis
It’s always important to continue your education and further your knowledge through job placement training. By learning how to operate in your line of work, and getting to grips with specific scenarios, it makes you a better individual and can help you find more jobs.

Operational & Supervisory Skills
Working as a security professional that’s tasked with protecting someone can be a very complicated job. There are endless skills and knowledge you need under your belt, and we’re here to help. With a range of excellent training courses for you to choose from, Gladius Tactical can help you learn how to be more effective and efficient in your role.

Krash Combatives
Krash Combatives was developed to teach fundamental fighting skills for Executive Protection Agent. Although conflict resolution and recognizing a threat before an encounter are the staples of a good protection agent, knowing how to physically restrain or take on an aggressor is paramount for protecting a client.

CA BSIS Guard Card
Our California Guard Card course is certified through California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and is AB2880- compliant. You will learn the basics from the following topics and receive state certification as a security officer.

CA BSIS Baton Permit
Baton training classes in our Los Angeles facility teaches you the skills and abilities required to effectively carry a baton, as per the requirements of BSIS. You will receive hands-on training and experience with a baton.

Arrest and Control
The arrest and control training course covers the basics of conflict management, handcuffing, and controlling a suspect while performing duties as a security guard.

Sexual Harassment
This course covers Federal and California Sexual Harassment Laws and topics regarding the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in employment.

Gladius Tactical’s Taser Training and Certification course teaches you how to utilize a Taser as a non-lethal method of self-defense.

Chemical Agents
Learn the skills to effectively carry a chemical agent with pepper spray training. Get hands-on training and experience with chemical agents.

School Security Guard SB1626
With the passage of SB 1626 in 1998, state law requires school security guards in kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) school districts or California community college districts to complete a course of training developed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).


Preventing the loss of life is just as important as defending life in high threat situations. Emergency medical training helps to give students a better understanding of the human body and how to react to instances where time is a factor to save a life.

Are you looking for a job in the security & protection industry? Maybe you’ve already got a position and want to learn new skills, so you can become better at your job? Regardless, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Gladius Tactical’s CPR AED First Aid Certification can move ahead as a security professional.

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
This TECC training course introduces evidence-based, how to respond to and care for patients in a civilian tactical environment. It is designed to decrease preventable deaths in a tactical situation. The course presents the three phases of tactical care.

Beginners Firearm Training

Whether you want to learn for sport or want to train for your own personal protection, having formal firearms training is an absolute necessity.

TAC 1 – Basic Pistol Course
Introduction to pistol operations and mechanics as well as how to use a pistol effectively in an emergency situation is included in our gun classes for beginners. This NRA Basic Pistol Course is designed to implement muscle memory involving pistol operation through the act of repetitive movement and pistol application drills.

TAC 2 – Intermediate Pistol Course
Sharpen your skills on pistol application in a tactical shooting environment with gun training from Gladius Tactical. Movement, cover/concealment drills will be introduced into this portion of the training. This pistol training course is more in-depth than our beginner pistol class, but still follows the teachings of NRA classes.

Private Lessons

Gladius Tactical offers private training classes for those individuals that may have unique schedules, unique needs, or simply would rather have a private lesson instead of a full class setting.

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