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Gladius Tactical was established in 2006 in Southern California. Our training programs and professional grade equipment were developed based on the experiences of tried and tested personnel from the law enforcement, military and private security sector both locally and abroad.

With both tactical equipment and training at a premium these days, we are constantly working to find the balance between cost effectiveness and quality.

Our understanding of ever-changing and dynamic tactical environments drives us to development products and training that can be relied upon when quality can mean the difference between life or death.


Intermediate and Advanced Tactical Training Courses

If you already have basic tactical and technical firearms abilities and you wish to expand your skill beyond where you currently are, Gladius Tactical provides intermediate and advanced tactical shooting courses to help you gain advantage over potential threats.

Our ex special operations experts have built the best tactical programs for civilians, programs that will provide you with the right tactical thinking, and make sure you can deal with any situation that will arise in the future. Tactical Training begins here.

Training Courses


Tactical Equipment

At Gladius Tactical, the equipment we sell, we wear. Each piece has been chosen because it combines affordability with durability. Like the Gladius swords of the great arena, warriors need equipment they can rely on. Gladius Tactical aims to bring them that equipment.

Our Equipment

Private Lessons

Courses for Beginners

Whether it's your first time owning a gun, or new to the industry, or maybe you're already a part and feel you need more training, Gladius Tactical's firearms training programs can help you achieve your goals.

Ran by ex special operation veterans and executive protection specialists, our unique beginner training program will give you the technical and tactical abilities to build your confidence and master your firearms skill beyond your wildest dreams.

Beginners Courses


Medical Training

Gladius Tactical’s Emergency Medical Training Classes help give students a better understanding of the human body and how to react to instances where time is a factor to save a life. Using reality-based training, our professionals will prepare you to respond to and care for patients in civilian and tactical environments.

Our medical training classes can be used as stepping stones in order to better prepare yourself for saving someone in desperate need of medical attention.

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