BSIS Certified California Exposed Firearms Permit

Even if you are licensed or registered in the security field, you may not carry a gun on duty, whether loaded or unloaded, unless you have been issued an exposed firearm permit by the Department of Consumer Affairs. California Exposed Firearms Permit must be kept on your person at all times while on duty.

Our California Exposed Firearms Permit training seeks to provide essential education and certification to those wishing to work in the security field. Even if you are already licensed and registered in this field, you are not able to carry a gun on duty. This applies to both loaded and unloaded weapons. However, you can obtain the right to carry a firearm if you are issued with an exposed firearm permit by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Our California Exposed Firearms training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and experience required to obtain this permit.


What the California Exposed Firearms Permit course involves:

The CA Firearms Permit focuses on a variety of different areas pertinent to exposed firearms certification. You will learn about both the legal and moral aspects of firearm usage, as well as firearms nomenclature and maintenance techniques essential for proper conduct. The course also includes situational case studies and live simulator scenarios in an effort to provide a reliable, basic framework for safe firearm usage and management.

As well as providing extensive theoretical knowledge of working with and using firearms, half of your course will be spent on the range undergoing practical training. This will involve complete guidance as to the correct safety and handling practices of firearms. We will also provide a thorough overview as to the fundamentals of accuracy.

Overall, our course is designed to unite both a studied understanding of firearms with practical usage advice. When the course is complete, you should have a thorough understanding of everything that is involved in the safe usage of firearms. You will have practical knowledge of how this can be adhered to when completing security work.

Our course is specifically designed to ensure you pass the examinations at the end of the course. When these exams are complete, you will be provided with a permit that allows you to carry a firearm while working in the security industry. It is important to note that from the moment you receive this permit, you will be required to carry it with you at all times while working as a security guard.

CA Exposed Firearms Permit Course Overview

    • Legal and moral aspects of firearm users.
    • Firearms nomenclature and maintenance.
    • Situational case studies and live simulator scenarios.


    • Must have a current California Guard Card or attended Gladius Tactical’s Guard Card class.
    • Must be 21 or older.
    • Be a United States Citizen or have a permanent legal alien status.
    • Free from all felony and some misdemeanor convictions. (call for misdemeanor disqualifiers).
    • Pass a fingerprint check through the FBI and California DOJ.
    • Pass Written and Range Examinations given at the end of the course.

Range Training:

  • Firearm safety and handling practices.
  • Fundamentals of accuracy.
  • Firearms qualification.


  • California Exposed Firearm Permit through BSIS.


  • 16 hours

Why Choose Gladius Tactical?

We are an Advanced Security Concepts, Inc (ASC) company. This means that we benefit from the wealth of experience brought to the security field by the directors of ASC. These are experts with a combined 80 years in this industry. As a result of this incredible wealth of knowledge, you can be sure that everything you learn during your time with the Gladius Tactical meets the highest possible standards. It ensures you are perfectly placed to further your career in this sector.

We at Gladius Tactical have spent years developing our courses to deliver the most robust standards of education. We have had the benefit of furthering the careers of hundreds of people through our courses. as well as offering scholarships and job placement opportunities. We believe our reputation for excellence and a well-rounded service speaks for itself.

Finally, we have been approved and certified by a number of important regulatory bodies. We are an approved Eligible Training Partner by the State of California State and have also received approval from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education. These approvals guarantee that the courses we provide are delivered to the very highest of standards.

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