Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide tactical shooting classes and education and graduate tactically proficient individuals as Executive Protection Professionals, while instilling the social responsibilities required to work in the security field.

Our parent company is ASC Protection, Inc., had found that the majority of applicants trying to break into the security industry, whether veterans of armed forces or not, were lacking basic knowledge required to be a security professional.

Van Nuys – Headquarters

We provide the training you need to be effective in any position in the security and protection fields.

Based on ASC’s years of experience in the field of security, training courses have been developed that provide the knowledge and certifications required to start a promising career as a protection agent.

As a veteran-operated company, ASC lays the foundation for the transition from the black and white of the military to the full-color spectrum of the civilian world and prepares students to succeed in the security industry. Our students obtain a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in careers as protection agents, including tactical shooting classes. 

Our experienced team is comprised of security, armed forces, and law enforcement veterans who have pooled together decades of knowledge and training from various countries and security backgrounds to create the most cutting-edge, tailor-made training programs, including firearm use and safety, and tactical shooting. 

Approved by the State of California as an Eligible Training Provider (ETPL)

CalJobsState Provider ID: 3129


Tennessee Private Protective Services:

Security License # 00012360, Tennessee
State Certified Handgun Training School,- Tennessee Department of Safety


Bureau of Security & Investigative Services Permits:

Private Patrol Operator – 14157
Private Patrol Operator Branch, San Diego – 6254
Los Angeles, Firearms Training Facility – TFF 1305
Los Angeles, Baton Training Facility, – TFB 1250
San Diego, Firearms Training Facility – TFF 1498
San Diego, Baton Training Facility – TFB 1315


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