Elk River Training Center (ERTC) is Gladius Tactical’s largest training ground. Located comfortably outside of Nashville, Tennessee, ERTC provides the widest range of training that Gladius Tactical has to offer.

From its vibrantly green 1000 yard range to its covered pistol shooting bays, all manner of training can be conducted. Local police and sheriffs departments train on the grounds regularly due to ERTCs proximity to the city, open training grounds and knowledgeable staff.

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Elk River Training Center
4626 TN-50
Pelham, TN 37366
Office: (931) 467-4867
Cell: (931) 383-9100

Firearms Training

Whether you want to learn for sport or want to train for your own personal protection, having formal firearms training is an absolute necessity.

Handgun Training

TAC 1 – Basic Pistol Course
Introduction to pistol operations and mechanics as well as how to use a pistol effectively in an emergency situation is included in our gun classes for beginners. This NRA Basic Pistol Course is designed to implement muscle memory involving pistol operation through the act of repetitive movement and pistol application drills.

TAC 2 – Intermediate Pistol Course
Sharpen your skills on pistol application in a tactical shooting environment with gun training from Gladius Tactical. Movement, cover/concealment drills will be introduced into this portion of the training. This pistol training course is more in-depth than our beginner pistol class, but still follows the teachings of NRA classes.

TAC 3 – Concealed Carry Fundamentals
This course is the first step in handgun skill development for the concealed carry citizen. It is intended for the gun owner who has attended the concealed carry permit course or a basic handgun course and desires to further improve their skillset.

TAC 4 – Combat Handgun Fundamentals
This course is step 2 in our handgun skills development program. It is intended for intermediate to advanced level shooters who have attended the concealed carry course or a basic handgun course and are comfortable with the 4 basic firearms safety rules.

Carbine Training

Carbine 1 - Basic Carbine
This is an entry level carbine class. The goal of this course is to prepare the student for advanced carbine, which is our level two class for a fighting rifle.

Carbine 2 - Advanced Carbine
This is an intermediate level carbine class. The goal of this course is to make the student more proficient with a fighting rifle in various applications.


ERAD – Elk River After Dark
This is an intermediate level workshop. Participants should be comfortable with their weapon systems and equipment and have a firm grasp on the fundamental firearms safety rules and weapons handling skills.

RDS – Red Dot Sight Pistol
This course is designed specifically for the red dot sight pistol shooter. Whether you have just transitioned to an RDS or have been shooting with one for a while, this class is for you.

Private Lessons

Gladius Tactical offers private training classes for those individuals that may have unique schedules, unique needs, or simply would rather have a private lesson instead of a full class setting.

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